Advanced FishCamp™ is ideal for those campers who have previously attended FishCamp and wish to expand their knowledge and passion for the sport of fly fishing, or for older kids with some experience fly fishing and fly tying that want to take their skills to the next level.

In Advanced camp, we review the basics learned in FishCamp, then add new concepts, including more work with advanced casting techniques such as the double haul and adding distance to the cast, accuracy and presentation casts, more knots such as the blood knot and nail knot, and advanced fly tying techniques, including spinning deer hair and imitating real insects.

At Advanced Camp, we spend more time focusing on fishing, learning more advanced fly fishing skills, and improving upon fly tying techniques.

The highlight of Advanced FishCamp is the last day of camp, when all of the campers join up with some of The Fly Shop's top guides to do a full day drift boat trip on the Lower Sacramento River.


2009 Advanced FishCamp™ Dates:

Fee: $995 (includes full day guided drift boat trip)
• July 20 - 24, 2009

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