Family FishCamp™ is a Perfect Family Destination!

You and your family can spend four nights and five days together fishing, tying flies, sharing stories by the campfire, and having fun at the beautiful Antelope Creek Ranch. Families that want to share a wonderful learning experience are encouraged to attend.

You and your family can spend your days attending exciting clinics about fly casting, fly tying, entomology, and the wonders of the great outdoors. Spend your time fishing one of the two lakes, catch and release beautiful wild trout in Antelope Creek, or take a relaxing nap in the shade. We also include a wide variety of games to keep everyone involved. Other activities include hay rides, outdoor photography, compass reading, local hiking, and crafts.

With over a decade of experience initiating hundreds of young FishCampers to the wonders of fly fishing, we've put together a great weekly itinerary, with plenty of fishing time every day, workshops on a variety of different aspects of fly fishing, fly tying in the evenings after dinner, and stories and S'Mores around the campfire each night. Some of the lessons include:
• Fly Casting (roll cast, overhead fly cast, false casting, shooting line)
• Fly Tying (many kids even catch fish on their own hand-tied flies!)
• Knots (Improved Clinch, Double Surgeon's, Perfection Loop)
• Basic Entomology and what fish eat
• Reading the Water
• Safe Wading Techniques
• Catch and Release Rainbow and Brown Trout in our stream and lakes
• Leave-No-Trace

FishCamp™, a destination: FishCamp™ is located in the shadows of Mount Shasta near the town of Weed, California, at our very own Antelope Creek Ranch. The historic 440 acre ranch is only a one hour forty minute drive from The Fly Shop in Redding, and surround by tens of thousands of acres of pristine Klamath National Forest. Antelope Creek is a privately leased ranch with both a stream and two lakes teeming with fish. The ranch is set at 5,000 ft elevation, so even in the heat of midsummer the days remain comfortable and the nights are always cool.

Families stay in our state-of-the-art walled tents on comfortable bunks, with the whispers of the wind amidst the pines lulling them to sleep at night. Healthy, well-rounded meals will be prepared and served to you and your family in our outdoor kitchen by our professional camp cooks. We also have a great bathhouse, composed of two separate bathrooms complete with flush toilets and plenty of hot water for showers.

"I used to never catch fish until my dad brought me to Fishcamp. Fishcamp helped me to catch my first ever fish! I was so happy because it was my first fish ever. I had caught a huge rainbow trout. I hope my dad lets me come back to Fishcamp. I learned how to hold a rod, cast 5 different casts! I learned how to tie flies. I caught 6 fish on the first day! I had oodles of fun at Fishcamp. I hope I come back!" - Nicaela Fung

2009 Family FishCamp™ Dates:

Fee: $665 (per camper)
• July 27 - 31, 2009
• August 3 - 7, 2009 • August 10 - 14, 2009


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